Spirited Living

Spirited Living

A Cheerful Home





Area:950 sq. ft.

" I got a dummy for Christmas and started teaching myself. I got books and records and sat in front of the practising. I did my first show in the third grade and just kept going. "

Jeff Dunham ( Appel Studio )

“The sun rose smiling o'er the river's breast, And my soul, by his happy spirit blest, Soared like a bird to greet him in the sky, And drew out of his heart Eternity.”
- Claude McKay

This contemporary home is designed to personify the client’s interests and lifestyle. The living room features comfortable lounge furniture to accommodate an ease of posture and a relaxed gathering of friends. Dining and kitchen are kept open for seamless movement and interaction emphasizing on the informal nature of spaces. Bedrooms are simple with a hint of personality while an extra bedroom is fitted with sports and memorabilia along with a writable board for fun game nights. Bright colors and unique wallpapers are sprinkled through the entire home for an interesting backdrop. A deep blue door with brass accessories is intended to be an unexpected surprise and eventually become an uncanny identity of the family and their joy filled home.

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