The Raj Restaurant

The Raj Restaurant

A Multicuisine Restaurant





Area:1500 sq. ft.

" I got a dummy for Christmas and started teaching myself. I got books and records and sat in front of the practising. I did my first show in the third grade and just kept going. "

Jeff Dunham ( Appel Studio )

“Is it really so depraving, I like to eat a lot? The thought of food I’m craving, Just ties me in a knot”
- Stanley Cooper

The multicuisine restaurant design is intended to be inviting and universal without strong over powering elements. One of the first projects of TDC, this space is an exploration in creating a warm and soothing ambience. The main elements here are a playful use of plaster of Paris casts and angular wooden ceiling with bronze mirror inserts that hints at an old world charm. The muted and rough flooring is a backdrop for contemporary contrasts of furniture. Layout is clear and organized that makes seating and serving fuss free activities.

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